Dr. Squatch Hair Care
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Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch Hair Care

Dr. Squatch Hair Care

$17.00 Excl. tax
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Suds your strands and soothe your scalp with Shampoo and conditioner made from natural ingredients. Dr. Squatch maintains your mane in two easy steps Read more.

Product description

Shampoo and Conditioner

About Dr. Squatch 

The Problem:  The Personal Care Industry Needs Cleaning

For generations traditional mass-market brands have been stripping natural ingredients from personal care products to make production cheaper and faster. Men have been forced to settle for lackluster products that are packed with harsh ingredients, chemical irritants and unnatural smells. But one courageous Squatch hadn’t given up on natural products.

Changing the Game: The Squatch Story

Inspired by a love of natural products, our founder Jack began creating his own natural soap in his garage. He also knew there must be other guys out there who wanted better products with natural ingredients and manly scents. With that, Dr. Squatch was born!

Millions of happy customers later, the Dr. Squatch mission remains the same - to raise the bar for natural products and change the way men approach their personal care.

We Give A Damn About Natural

  • Here's why you should too.
    Too many products use synthetic detergents and harsh chemicals, wreaking havoc on your skin and body. At Dr. Squatch we’re dedicated to using the finest natural ingredients that will have you looking, smelling and feeling your best, day in and day out.

Performance Without Compromise

  • You've got needs. We've got the goods
    We’re harnessing the power of Mother Nature and putting it to work in all of our products, so they can work for you. How’s that for teamwork?


  • Made from Natural Oils
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Cold Process
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • We’re taking a stand.
    Traditional brands, and even some so-called “natural” brands, use harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients that are brutal on your skin, hair and body. But at Dr. Squatch we’re proudly standing on top of the mountain, triumphantly yelling “Hell no!” and taking a stand.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

  • Not only do we give a damn about what we put in our products, but we’re committed to going the extra mile for safety. That’s why our products go through extensive testing and toxicology risk assessments, which is 'scientist' for “making sure they're safe for you.
  • ” We always want to make sure that both the individual ingredients and our final formulas are safe and effective.

Products Built For You 

  • We develop products specifically with men's needs in mind.
    Let’s face it, men have different needs for their skin, pits and hair. Plus, they naturally deal with higher levels of sweat, dirt and stink on the regular. That’s why we’re dedicated to male-specific formulations that directly address the personal care demands of men everywhere.

Exfoliating Soaps

  • Gentle but effective scrubs with nourishing ingredients that are designed for men’s thicker skin and the extra sweat and grime of your day-to-day

Natural Deodorant

  • Busy, active men need strong stink protection and we’ve got you covered. The natural ingredients in our powerful Odor-Squatching™ formula attack stink at the source for all-day freshness and confidence.

Hair Care - Shampoo and Conditioner

  • With all the rigors of daily life, keeping your manly mane shiny and healthy is no easy task. Our hair care products clean, strengthen and protect your hair with effective natural ingredients.

Natural Toothpaste

  • Still brushing your teeth with synthetic goo?
    Fight cavities, protect enamel and gently whiten teeth without harsh chemicals.

Smell Like A Man

  • We source the best nature has to offer to help you smell damn good.
    Too many personal care products for men smell like the chemicals they're made of and give us flashbacks to our middel school locker room. You're a man, it's time to smell like one!


  • Dr. Squatch uses natural ingredients in all of its products, but it's still possible to experience an adverse reaction to certain ingredients. Always check the ingredient list for each product before purchasing or using the product.
  • We also recommend that you test any new product before regular usage. Apply the product to your wrist and wait 24 hours to see if you have a reaction; if any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult with a medical professional.
  • Additionally, some soap bars contain exfoliants; exfoliants can be damaging to your skin if excessive force is used or if used too frequently, so Squatch says don't use on sensitive areas and don't over-exfoliate!


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Dr. Squatch Dr. Squatch Hair Care
Dr. Squatch
Dr. Squatch Hair Care
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