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Change Flossers
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Change Flossers

Change Flossers

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Eco-friendly floss picks made from cornstarch. Compostable packaging for minimal environmental impact. Ultra-thin floss for effortless gliding and deep cleaning. Shred-resistant and leaves the mouth feeling fresh. Read more.

Product description

About Change Toothpaste:

Our Mission

  • Inspired by the care that our own kids show for our planet, we want to do our part in reducing the global plastic waste problem to make sure that the environment is safe and healthy for generations to come.
  • Together, we believe we can create a global movement to protect our beloved planet!

Our Solution

  • You brush your teeth each and every day. Once your toothpaste tube is finished, it’s thrown into the garbage without a second thought. Our tablets are just like paste, without the waste—helping your teeth feel naturally clean, fresh, and prepared for anything that your day has in store.


Product Information:

  • Experience the ultimate clean with our ultra-thin floss that effortlessly glides between even the tightest teeth, promoting healthy gums and effectively removing food particles and plaque. Our floss picks feature textured surfaces to tackle those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough deep clean every time. Say goodbye to frustrating shredding experiences – our picks are shred-resistant, guaranteeing a reliable and effective cleaning experience.
  • Not only will our floss picks leave your mouth feeling fresh and revitalized, but they also prevent the unpleasant odor caused by trapped food particles. By choosing our compostable floss picks made from silk, you’re making a conscious choice to join the sustainable movement. After use, the entire flosser can be composted, completing its journey in a way that respects and nurtures the environment.


Suggested Use:

  • Use the pick to get between two of your teeth and gently press it against your gums.
  • Slide the pick with an in and out motion to remove any food particles from in-between your teeth.
  • Rinse the floss pick as needed to make sure it stays clean.
  • Repeat the above process until you have thoroughly cleaned any plaque and food particles out from between all of your teeth.


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Change Toothpaste Change Flossers
Change Toothpaste
Change Flossers
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